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Do you see the resemblance?

Our Momma and Dad Pomskies are at the heart of everything we do! We could not have our Painted Pomsky Puppies, or our community of supportive Painted Pomsky owners, without, first, our pets and Pomsky parents. Read more about our Momma and Dad Pomskies below!

Past Painted Pomsky Puppies



Coco Chanel is a merle F1 Pomsky. She was our first Pomsky produced here at The Painted Pomsky. She is the daughter of Reinna and Zander.


Penny is a wooly, black and white Siberian Husky. She is a wonderful mom to her pups. Special thank you to Emily and Ashley at Southern Husky Heaven for our beautiful Penny!


Shania is a F3B Pomsky who was also born here at The Painted Pomsky. She is the daughter of Blaze (Siberian Husky) and Zeke (F3 Pomsky).


Elly May is a F3B Pomsky born here at The Painted Pomsky. She is the daughter of Odessa (F3B Pomsky) and Pumba (Pomeranian).


Elsa is a F3 Pomsky. She is 20 lbs of pure fluff!


Winnie is a F3 wooly micro Pomsky weighing in at 8lbs. She resides in an amazing guardian home. Winnie is a little goofy at times, but she is always happy and ready to go anywhere at anytime. She has never met anyone she won’t let give her a belly rub.


Stella Rose is a lavender and white F3 Pomsky. Special thank you to Lone Star Pomsky for this gorgeous gal!


Meet Anaya, the F3B Wooly Lavender Pomsky with a personality as unique as her coat. Taking after her laid-back Aunt Shania, Anaya exudes a calm and easygoing demeanor that instantly wins hearts. Despite her Pomsky pedigree, she's convinced she's a mere 5 lbs, proving that her heart is as big as her love for cuddles. 


Anna, Elsa's younger sister, is an F3 Wooly Pomsky full of spunk, tipping the scales at 15 pounds. She's a bundle of energy, always ready to embark on a day of endless running and play.



Maverick is our 23 lb F2 Pomsky. He is the biggest lover of them all!


Meet Jinx, the 10lb mini F2 Wooly Pomsky, a pocket-sized dynamo full of personality. Despite his petite stature, Jinx exudes confidence and thinks he's a canine heavyweight, bringing an entertaining and larger-than-life energy to every room he enters. With a playful spirit and an endearing sense of bravado, Jinx proves that great things indeed come in small packages.


Slim Shady is a 15 lb F2 wooly, fire sable Pomsky. He was born on 12/12/2021, and he resides with us in our home full-time.


Pumba is a 5 lb blue sable Pomeranian. He resides in a guardian home full-time.


Bruce is a blue brindle 5 lb Pomeranian. He resides in one of our guardian homes full-time.


Butters is our fearless F3 Plush Coat Pomsky weighing in at a petite 8 pounds. He calls Gunter home and perpetually believes he's the "big dog" of the house. Butters has tons of enthusiasm, and strongly believes that every human and animal wants to play with him.

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