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We know you have questions, and we're here to answer them! Read below some of the common questions we've heard from new and inquiring Pomsky owners. Don't see your question listed? Fill out our contact form HERE.

What goes into the cost behind a Painted Pomsky?

At The Painted Pomsky, we specialize in expert quality Pomskies. With that being said, there is a lot of time, effort, and financial investment that goes along with raising well-behaved, sweet, and beautiful Pomsky puppies. We believe in providing full transparency to our potential Painted Pomsky owners regarding the costs associated with their puppy. See financial breakdown below.

Costs of a Dog Breeder

(Information Courtesy of KP Pomskies)

Initial Setup Costs:


Foundation dam

Foundation sire

(Stud fees are avg $2,000-4,000 per litter)

Health tests: OFA Hips/ elbows/ patellas/ eyes, Brucellosis

Embark DNA test



$800/ dog

$200/ dog

This list does not include fencing/kennel/housing/annual vet exams, grooming costs, dog food/treats, and other dog-related expenses. These additional costs can easily add another $30,000+. Many of these costs are $12-15k ANNUALLY, even for kennels with one pair.

Per Litter Costs:


(All hours calculated at minimum wage - $7.25)

Artificial insemination, progesterone testing, ultrasounds, x-rays

First week of intensive puppy care, 70 hrs.

Lost days at work per litter

(3 days x 8 hrs x $7.25)

Ongoing direct care

(20 hrs/wk x 8 wks)

Puppy food for 8 weeks

(canned, dry, milk replacement)

Puppy vet exams/ vaccinations


Puppy toys/ treats/ supplements/ vitamins

Puppy packs to new parents

Health certificates (where required)

Time spent advertising, customer care, and answering inquiries, waitlists, administrative time

(20-30 hrs/wk x 8 wks)







$30/ puppy


$50/ puppy

$100/ puppy


Emergency vet care/c-sections and other unforeseen issues can easily run an additional $4,000+, which is not included in the total cost above.

What is the terminology of
Pomsky generations?

Pomsky Generations Explained

F1 Pomsky:

An F1 Pomsky is when the mother of the Pomsky is a Husky and the father is a Pomeranian. This shouldn’t ever be reversed. The mother should always be the bigger dog.

F2 Pomsky:

An F2 Pomsky is when both parents, the mother and the father, of the Pomsky are F1 Pomskies. This means the grandmother is a Husky and the grandfather is a Pomeranian.

F3 Pomsky:

An F3 Pomsky is from one of the below scenarios:

  • The mother and the father of the Pomsky are F2 Pomskies

  • The mother is an F2 Pomsky and the father is an F4 or F5 Pomsky (this is still considered a F3 Pomsky)

  • The father is an F2 Pomsky and the mother is an F4 or F5 Pomsky (this is still considered a F3 Pomsky)

F1B Pomsky:

For an F1B Pomsky, the B stands for backcross when an F1 Pomsky crosses with a purebred Pomeranian or Siberian Husky. This means the Pomsky offspring is either 75% Pomeranian and 25% Siberian Husky, or 25% Pomeranian and 75% Husky.

Remember, the mother should always be bigger for the dogs safety.

F1X Pomsky:

An F1X is when a Pomsky is crossed with an American Eskimo dog and/or German Spitz. You can have both breeds or just one breed crossed with a Pomsky in order for it to be considered an F1X.

Pomsky Generation Chart

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