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Liv with a Pomsky puppy from one of our previous Painted Pomsky litters


Welcome to The Painted Pomsky! I'm Gary Davis, and I'm the breeder behind The Painted Pomsky located in Gunter, Texas. My love for animals began sometime ago in my home state of Tennessee. Prior to being adopted, I took care of several rabbits and dogs at my very last foster home. Later, both my parents and grandparents owned and raised animals, and it was here that I, too, grew this love and passion.

While living in Tennessee and North Carolina some years later, I raised English Bulldogs for over 8 years. When I made the move to north Texas, I decided to no longer raise English Bulldogs due to the extensive health issues and puppy mortality rates that came with the breed. Not long after, I met my loving wife, Niki, and her amazing Pomeranian, Jordan. She loved the little dogs. I loved the bigger dogs, and I had always dreamt of owning a Siberian Husky.


Like marriage, we met in the middle! After seeing a Pomsky and doing some extensive research on the breed, we decided that it was the perfect blend of everything we loved and valued about our own canine family members. We hope to share our love for this breed to the next Pomsky owner, and we encourage you to learn more about us and our pups as you navigate through our site!

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